Winter Fun

Indoors has become very routine.

I am dreaming of digging in dirt, mowing the yard and walking to the park.

Until then, It was time to buckle down and get creative with the children.

Sock Puppets

Baylie and I made these two cuties. Miss Piggy, and Mr. Dinosaur.

They we so easy.'

All you need is a Big pair of socks, felt, and some stuffing.

We put on a puppet show for the men.

Mason just wanted to hit the puppets. 

She could not keep her head below the table. She tried so hard.

Tape City

While looking through blogs I found this great idea from Not Just a Housewife

I used all of Chris's Electrical tape to make a huge city.

What a great Idea. It really did entertain them for hours.

We had a parking garage, and at the other end, I put a doll house.

I even joined in with the fun. My two favorite cars.

I enjoyed my time with my children this week.

I think God sends us weather, to slow us down and enjoy the little things.

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Until next time,


Chrissie said...

You are such a fun mom. I love the sock puppets and the tape city is brilliant~

Laurel said...

Such fun ideas...I am reminded that I need to slow down a bit and play more :) Thanks for the inspiration! Laurel

Mommy Gator said...

So cute... love the idea...and I agree God gives us snow days to take things slow and spend time doing little things with our little ones!

Alicia said...

I agree 100% about God sending us weather for a reason...I needed to rest SO badly!

At The Picket Fence said...

Such great ideas for entertaining our kiddos inside on these long winter days! Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week! Hope to see much more of you in the future!

Cheyenne said...

'Preciate these ideas heaps! You are such a great Mom!! Winter is seeming so long these days---and I too am dreaming of Spring, but I thin some of these fun ideas will help the days pass a little more happily. Thank you for sharing! :)

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