More Burlap table Runners

In December, I gave a tutorial on a Burlap Table Runner.

This evening when I opened my mail. I had a picture of someone who made a burlap table runner.

She followed the tutorial ,and I want to share it with you.

Page from Pickin Peaches created this beautiful runner.

I absolutely adore the colors and design she used.

She is new to Blog land, so make sure to give her tons of nice comments.

I love seeing stuff like this, it makes my day wonderful.

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Pink Heart

Yesterday, while at my sisters, Baylie was playing with her new Fiskars heart punch.

Jenna then decided to let Baylie take the heart punch home to borrow.

She put hearts in everything, even very important receipts.

I also fell in love with the heart punch.

I was watching X games and punching out purple and pink hearts.

I attached them to sting and draped them around my chandelier.


Hearts sprinkled on the burlap runner, adds a sweet touch.

I then went a bit overboard and punched my paper wreath.

Love is in the air at our home.

I could have punched all day long, but my family would have killed me.

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Lovely Gift Box

What An inspiration  Matthew Mead  has been to me this year.

The Holiday magazine this Christmas, has my creative juices flowing.

There was an idea of using a tin, to put cookies, and pretzels in. They then used chalkboard paint to create a cute message

I figured it would also make a great Valentine's gift box.

I made a red, and white scarf for my brother.

Perfect Valentine's day colors right. These are actually the colors of one soccer team he really likes.

CHICAGO FIRE. I believe he has season tickets, so I hope he gets good use out of it.

This is the very first knitted project, I have done. I am very excited with the way it turned out.

Here is all you need to do the box.

You paint the lid with your chalkboard paint.

I had to do 3 coats.

Next you put a nice message, and you are done. 

This was so easy, and it is reusable.

I am also so excited that summer with Matthew Mead is coming soon.

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DIY Project Party

My children are finally sleeping, which gives me a minute, to sit at my computer and check my mail.

I was so excited to see that my Wood Chest  has been selected at DIY Project Party as a Top 10 project.

The DIY Club

If you have time go check it out.

Until Next time,


Tree Trunk Lamp

As I lay awake in bed, this is when my ideas start flowing.

Some are great, and others come from a tired, and worn out brain.

When something awesome hits, I peek across the bed to see if my husband is still awake.

I just have to tell someone.

Here is one of the many crazy normal ideas, I have came up with.

A tree trunk lamp.

Sorry about the lighting in the picture. This was taken in my dungeon of a room.

My lovely before picture.

I use to love this lamp, but it no longer went with my decor.

So why not use some spackling, to revamp this lamp.

Just so you know I used my finger for everything. I'm not really sure why.

Yes I said  everything, paint and all.

I first put a small smooth coat of spackling on and let it dry.

I then put a thick second coat on.

This is where I put in my texture.

Tree knots. I just piled on the spackling for these

Why not a little heart. It will be sitting next to the bed.

I sanded some down, so there was not any sharp pointy parts.

I told Baylie I was taking a picture. She of course wanted to pose beside it.

What a HUGE help she was.

She held the can of spackling ,and while I wasn't  was looking, she stuck her finger in.

I painted my tree trunk a gray mixed with white color.

I used gray in some areas more then others to give more shading.

I love my new tree trunk lamp.

Also I love having one of a kind products.

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Pillow Talk

Right now, I am attempting a redo on our bedroom.

This seems to be a challenge, because of us trying to sell our home.

What is worth putting into the room?

Light fixtures, mounting stuff to the walls just does not seem cost effective at this time.

I'm itching to start doing something to our room.

So, I have decided to decorate with items I can take with us.

Pillows add so much to an ordinary bed.

My husband is not a huge fan. Pillows = more work.

This is one of my favorites. A monogrammed H with buttons.

Dark blue, light tan, and off white fabric rosette flowers adorn this pillow.

Every bed needs a burlap pillow. I loved the shape of this one.

An Ikea towel, is what I used for this stripped pillow.

Yes, I said a towel. I love finding unusual stuff to use for a project.

Last night around 5, My sister and I  took a 2 hour trip to Ikea.

We dodged the fog, and pouring rain, to go.

How peaceful it was, to be almost the only people there.

I could actually think.

My sister did inform me that people are holding dinner parties at Ikea.

HOW fun, I wish I leaved closer.

Now I just need a few fluffy white pillows and I am good to go.

I cant wait to show you my garage door headboard.

There are just a couple more details to work out. Until my reveal.

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Stylish Blogger Award

Today was such a special day. I received my very first blog award, and I hit 50 followers.


Many thanks to Lovely Crafty Home

I love her website, and if you have not been there yet, stop by.  Lovely Crafty Home.

Thanks to everyone else who reads my blog.

This Award does come with some rules.

And who am I ,to not follow.

You must share 7 facts about yourself. Then you pass this award on to 15 awesome blogger's.

So let me get on the ball and start with 7 Facts about Me.

1.  I feel lazy , when I just sit around and watch television. So I started making hair accessories, while watching television. I now sell them at my Etsy shop.  Mason Bay

2. My husband and I are in the process of selling our home. I wish for a old farmhouse, with a small hobby farm. How nice it would be to bring in my own eggs, or raise an alpaca.

3. I am one busy lady, but I enjoy it.  I work part time cleaning my church. I also work Saturdays selling wood burning stoves, and I'm a full time mother.

4.I live in Amish County. I'm not sure that this is interesting, but some people might. 

5. I get a bit carried away in the cleaning department. My theory is ,what is the point of decorating your home if it is not clean?  My husband claims I have a problem :)

6. I have two children, Baylie-3 and Mason- 15 months. I would have 10 but this decision is not up to me.

7. I really enjoy watching Hockey.

I hope you enjoy reading my 7 facts. Now on to the fun stuff.

The 15 deserving Blogger.

Check out all of these wonderful blogs.

Once again thanks Rachael at Lovely Crafty Home.

Until Next Time,


Monkey Pops

One of Baylie's favorite things to do in the kitchen, is pick a recipe out of her cookbook.

Just like her mom, she loves her Gooseberry Patch Cookbook.

Such a Kid friendly book.

The pages are easy to wipe off, and the pictures are so great for kids.

Click Here to check out there website.


You will fall in love with there cookbooks.

This week she picked a recipe called Monkey Pops.

How great are these. The kids loved them.

Monkey pops would also make a great addition to a child's birthday party.

Here is how to make them.

First you make rice krispies.

Next cut them into oval shapes, and push a stick in them.

Use Chocolate frosting to adhere the face parts.

What I used for the parts.

Ears-Vanilla Wafers
Mouth- Nutter Butter
Nose- Jelly Bean
Eyes- M&M

For the mouth I used Black Gel.

The hair is chocolate frosting.

What fun we had making and eating these.

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Wood Chest Treasure

Over the summer, I found an amazing treasure.

A wood chest with a few imperfections, that I could deal with.

My Jeep was full of strollers and other junk, but I did manage to shove this beauty in.

There were a few dark stains, which meant a white wash was not a great option.

The rope handles, and wire around it made my heart skip a beat.

There was a broken board on the left.

Unfortunately all I can do with it, is pretend it isn't there. 

Here is what I came up with.

I painted the trunk, and now it is my new night stand.

A plus is that it stores stuff.

Here is how I did this.

I used paint, glazing, and water.

Eco-Gray was the color I picked.

The color numbers are below.

I mixed with a product from Americana, called glazing medium.

I then added about 3 spoon fulls of water.

The mixture was about the consistence of milk.

Paint the mixture on and then wipe off gently with a towel.

I really enjoyed the way the front looked.

I did not paint the wire, brackets or hinges.

I really appreciated the way the top looked.

Until I put the Chest in the bedroom.

It was not working for me.

Tears and sniffles.

So I decided to paint the door, without any water.

After the paint dried, I applied the glazing to a towel and rubbed it on the door.

I did this to get an antiqued look.

I jumped, when I seen the finished chest.

This pail clock was so easy, and it makes a great remote holder.

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