Lovely Gift Box

What An inspiration  Matthew Mead  has been to me this year.

The Holiday magazine this Christmas, has my creative juices flowing.

There was an idea of using a tin, to put cookies, and pretzels in. They then used chalkboard paint to create a cute message

I figured it would also make a great Valentine's gift box.

I made a red, and white scarf for my brother.

Perfect Valentine's day colors right. These are actually the colors of one soccer team he really likes.

CHICAGO FIRE. I believe he has season tickets, so I hope he gets good use out of it.

This is the very first knitted project, I have done. I am very excited with the way it turned out.

Here is all you need to do the box.

You paint the lid with your chalkboard paint.

I had to do 3 coats.

Next you put a nice message, and you are done. 

This was so easy, and it is reusable.

I am also so excited that summer with Matthew Mead is coming soon.

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Karen said...

Cute idea - love the red and white scarf! I am taking beginning to knit classes in February, so hopefully I can make something equally as nice!

Alicia said...

yaaaay I cant wait to see it on him!

ruby said...

love the gift box idea great job on the knitting looks good!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Cute, Ihave never seen that brand of chalkboard paint. Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

judean said...

super clever idea, and the scarf looks so cute :)

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