Raise the Curtain

As I contemplated what my first post should be about, I finally came across a beautiful idea. One thing I loathe is clutter, and in the corner of my kitchen, I have chaos. Our kitchen is a bit on the tiny side, so I store items where I can find room. We are talking about onions on the shelves, potatoes, even a whale of a pale full of oatmeal on the bottom of my butcher block table. I needed to find a way to hide this disorder. So why not a curtain? Here is what I came up with.
Before ( Clutter Zone)

Measure, and pin everything before sewing.

Turquoise paint is a must have in my household

I cut out my own stencil, and painted.

One of my favorite vases!

I love the finished curtain. So clean cut.

Here are my 5 top reasons why I absolutely love my new curtain.
1. The chich curtain cleans up the kitchen. Did I mention how much I dislike clutter?
2. I have been trying to find a way to bring color into my kitchen, so it flows with my dining room. I think this is a start.
3. I adore the numbers.
4. My 14 month old son no longer throws everything on the floor. I am finally relieved of cleaning up onion skins, and oatmeal off the floor.
5. This project only took me 1 hour. Just enough time for me to do when the children are taking naps.

If you have a reason you love my new cutting table curtain, please feel free to post.

Until next time,


Jenna @ The Wannabe Cottage said...

First follower! Oh yeah :)....Looks great Missy! Lovin your new blog!!

Alicia said...

I didn't think it looked cluttered to begin with, but now it looks cute :)

Jae said...

What is the number 4 for? I must have missed that.

Melissa said...

I like the look of numbers, and 4 is for the amount of people in my family.

radn said...

love your style. Now a follower!

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